Someone made a request in the chicken group. It wasn’t going to end well: “Good morning, I need an egg supplier. Someone who could sell them to me at…

April 2021

I’m three generations removed from needing to grow my dinner, maybe four. A lot of seeds have suffered and died while I try to get back to the land…

January 2021

And other dumb rules that cause us to waste a ton of our food
Let me confess this: I kill my seeds every year. Then, I go to Al’s and Confreda’s greenhouses down the street. But this year, I’ve doubled down on…

December 2020

Apple Pie Filling is my new favorite apple thing.

November 2020

You could waste your morning spending money on pre-Black Friday deals or you could make these muffins instead. They’re super easy, and for the most part…
Declan’s job is to tell we need chicken food ahead of time. Mine is to keep it stocked up. “We need chicken food, Mom.” “How much is left?” “None! And…
Take One: Apple Cider
(Or it'll overrun you)
" long as you make it yourself"

October 2020

This one's staying!
"Less is More" so you don't go insane.