I tried living off the land. It failed. But boy, did I learn a lot…

I wanted to grow all my own food like the pioneers, but if I were a pioneer, I’d be dead.

But, after a while, I learned something… my food was really delicious, and my self-reliance skills improved…a lot.

People started to ask for my recipes and food. I couldn’t by frozen food or eat at a chain restaurant. People asked me “How do you…” all the time.

I started posting on this website:Poserhomestead.com I made a newsletter, but I didn’t write in it much. I’m starting it up again—so…

Welcome, or welcome back!

What’s this newsletter about?

  • Interesting posts from PoserHomestead.com

  • Steps for setting up your own poser homestead—even if (especially if) you can’t or don’t want to do all the work!

  • Thoughts on gardening, food, chickens, “poser” homesteading, self-reliance, local food, and…

  • Recipes once a week

  • …and anything more you request.

Be more self-reliant, eat better, and feel like you’re living off the land—whether you’ve got land or live in an apartment.

That’s the mission. It’s a game changer. I hope you join!


PS: I won’t give out your info or spam you.

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